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As Jkonnect, we develop web based apps, websites, and mobile apps which can be used as key tools in day to day business and personal activities.
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Web Apps

We develop and mantain web apps and websites. Our works range from online auctions, online shops and payment gateways among other apps.

Mobile Apps

We develop customised Android Applications as well as IOS based applications for our clients as well as end users.


We offer E-Commerce services to anyone who wants to sell goods and services online. We provide the best E-Commerce solutions.
Jconnect Zimbabwe Responsive Website Design

Online selling solutions

We assist our clients with great E-Commerce solutions customised for the Zimbabwean environment. If you are an individual or corporate and wish to sell online you can contact us and we list your goods on our online shop Justsmile. For electronic products that ypu don not need anymore you can contact us and we list them for bidding on Getayi.
Jconnect Zimbabwe Jconnect Zimbabwe
Mobile Apps

Android and IOS Apps

We build customised Android and IOS applications. Our applications are developed to give the best performance of various devices and ensure users' retention. Be it an online shop or a custom business tool, we deliver the best of mobile applications development.
Jconnect Zimbabwe Web applications


Internet of Things - IoT
We develop Internet of Things solutions using various trending technologies. Our IoT solutions help our clients manage their farms, greenhouses and homes remotely. We integrate chips, sensors, web apps and mobile apps to come up with viable Internet of Things solutions.

Websites we have designed:

Minute Website by Jconnect
Ekhaya Website by Jconnect
Muvern Group Website by Jconnect
Cheryla Travel Website by Jconnect
Wanai Website by Jconnect
Gabbsverg Website by Jconnect
Sankara Talent Website by Jconnect
Gilgal Institute Website by Jconnect